Myspace. Hello Guyz M right here wid Another section of # Tu_Mera_Humsafa roentgen .Hope U should they :)

Myspace. Hello Guyz M right here wid Another section of # Tu_Mera_Humsafa roentgen .Hope U should they 🙂

Hello Guyz M right here wid Another section of # Tu_Mera_Humsafa roentgen .Hope U will require to they 🙂 . Create put ur Useful opinions inside remark field underneath 🙂

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Recap : SwaRagini Attacked by Raj n SanLak spares SwaRagini.

Tu Mera Humsafar

After creating plans SanLak n Rahul went along to Execute their own program n Sanskaar also known as Raj to fulfill in a Go Down close His company As Per their particular strategy.

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Hello Raj.

Raj : ( Smiles Evilly ) Hello Sanskaar Maheshwari Finally Tym milgaya Call karne ka..Waise ( Smiles n Acts as problems ) Oouch..Bahut Zor se Maara tumne..seems like Saari Dushmani ka Badla aaj hi leliya..

Sanskaar : ( furious ) sealed Up..i did so nt label U to pay attention Yr junk Talks..I jst wanna Compromise simultaneously letter for every..So that Coz of U My Family dnt need to sustain additional..I’d Enough of it..Nw I cnt Put my children n My personal unborn young ones existence at risk fr every small things..U desired us to Resign frm Business World na ..Ok accomplished..M prepared to Resign..n i shall additionally advise ur identity fr Up increasing identity operating community..

Raj : ( grateful ) eventually Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari U Atlast Accepted to Compromise..Goo d..warna pata nhi aur kya kya Sehen karna padta Tumhri Princess ko..Khair Daer aaye Durust aai..Ok So where Shall we satisfy to Finalise The additional Circumstances..

Sanskaar : For The go lower Near the workplace at mid-day 4..dats da protected location to Meet..

Raj : ( Smirks Evilly ) Ok.Done Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari..

After the Comvo SanLak n Rahul Smiled n provided a positive aim to Eachother n were Determined to Trap Raj When n for every.

Laksh : ( Laughs ) Arrey Bhai..Kya jhooth bolete aap ..M happy..The Gr8 Business Tycoon who’s an insurance policy of Nt Lieing possess Lied Raj Sinha The Over brilliant companies Tycoon..Gr8 Job

Rahul : ( Laughs also ) N sure Sanskaar..M as well satisfied..Kya Plan banaya tumne..U caught Raj by advising dat u r prepared damage..Wah ..n dat Idiot Agreed too..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) Rahul n Laksh U Guyz roentgen Nonetheless Unaware of My internal abilities..Maine yeh Gr8 Business Tycoon ka name aise hi nhi jeeta..i was required to read mny Ups n lows to Reach n to obtain this name..We have managed mny Idiot Raj Like This..Sometimes to Trap a Idiot Tiger inside our pitfall we must Behave Frndly wid Him..Otherwise dat Idiot Tiger will hurt you only..So in same manner when we wish capture Raj within Game we have to become Frndly wid Him..den best we cn pitfall U Guyz only read wenever We tried to capture your by Anger the overall game was Over activated you only..So this Tym I thot Lets pitfall Him in a Frndly Way as opposed to opponent ways.. ( Smirks Victoriously )

Laksh : ( Smiles ) Yes Bhai..U r Ryt..N dekhna this Tym that Raj would be positively jammed n can get A Severe discipline. .

Sanskaar : ( Hoping ) Ya Laksh..Ummed toh yehi hai.. ( notices da Tym ) Anywyz Laksh Lets go..Its Alrdyate..Ragin i myt end up being Waiting fr U.She demands U nw..So U head to Ragini.. ( Pats Lakshas neck in issue )

Laksh : ( Smiles ) certainly U also Go..More dan Ragini’s situation Swaraas fitness try nt Good..She requires U More..So u also Go..

Sanskaar : Haa..M In Addition Gking. . ( To Rahul ) Rahul U also head to ur room..Sorry coz in our Prblm We interrupted U..

Rahul : their Ok Sanskaar..after this Famjly is going to be Myn as well over the next few itna toh karsakta hu leading fr my children..Ryt ??

SanLak : ( overloaded ) Haa Offg program..

Rahul : ( Smiles ) Hmm..Accha alright den Bye..Take proper care of SwaRagini..

Quickly SanLak n Rahul Left n went along to their own particular Rooms n Household to possess a Peacefull Yet a quick rest coz The Next Day wud be a Stressfull letter a large time fr these to Trap Raj in their Arrange..SanLak inserted their own particular Rooms n went along to Sleep n got their particular particular Wifes in their Concerned Embrace letter Slept Peacefully wid Worriedness n Faint look on the face.

Ultimately the afternoon n da Scene for Wich SanLak letter Rahul had been wishing fr was in top of Them.Sanskaar n Raj had been waiting Face to Face infront of Eachother comprise Sanskaar appeared Dull n soft letter Raj however Raj seemed Happy n Had an absolute laugh on His Face.

Raj : ( Smiles Winningly ) very Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari was eventually prepared to damage fr His Family For their Dear Wifey..Hmm Good..Chalo Ur stunning partner simple kisi ke Kaam toh aayi ( Laughs Evilly ) In history Three Months main I tried a decent amount to Woe Her bt My misfortune She Never gave a really check out Me.Kya Kya nhi kiya maine..I attempted to Force,i tried to Woe Hee by Frndship etc Ur breathtaking partner . ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( upset letter shuts His Fists ) Enough Raj..M nt Here to learn Nonsense abt my partner..M right here to Compromise wid U..U need Me to Resign na..So Here U roentgen ( programs 2 records ) this might be My personal Resignation Paper letter that is da File in wich we recommended Ur title fr The Up Rasing businesses Tycoon of Business World..Sign they Asap in order that I cn yield to the business enterprise people..

Raj : ( happier n requires da data files n indicators Excitedly ) eventually i thing wich i wanted is In My arms..Wowow.M da New Up increasing companies Tycoon operating World..The fancy I became fantasizing of has become correct..N I produced U regarding My personal means Sanskaar .. i did so.. ( passionate ) jo maine sab kuch kiya to have this situation works..Nth ing eliminated in Waste.Wat all i did to have this place..we Attacked U,I Tried to Force Ur girlfriend, we also Tried to Kill Ur spouse n kids n I actually organized Bail fr me by Bribing the Lawyer much more n Attacked Both Swara letter Ragini..I wud has even Killed dem agr Kal tum record nhi aate anywyz. .i had gotten wat I desired Sab kuch Rang laya..Wowow..

Sanskaar : Congratulations Mr Raj Sinha i acquired wat you wanted..n nw Dnt U always You will need to interrupt n Harm my spouse n My Family..Warna The Way i Handed U the Position na in da Samw Way i cn Snatch it also..So steer clear frm me personally n my children n specifically Frm My Wife..Samjhe ??

Raj : ( Smiles Evilly ) Mujhe jo chahiye mujhe milgaya..N nw we dnt wanted everything ryt Haa agr afterwards easily feel I want Ur stunning spouse dat Tym I cnt Say nothing fr M happy coz i obtained wat i want..

As Raj was Bzy in remembering His achievements Sanskaar Conversely had Winning laugh On His Face wich had been Noticed by Raj letter is baffled observe Sanskaar cheerful even after Loosing anything.

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) Wish toh case hogi wen u might be out-of prison na..U roentgen complete Mr Raj Sinha..U r eliminated..

Raj : ( mislead ) Wat perform you imply by Gone ?? Wat trash r u chatting ?? Lagta hai U roentgen Gone Mad because fast surprise of Loosing Ur Position.. ( Laughs )

Sanskaar : Smirks Victoriously ) Pagaal toh tum hoge Mr Raj Sinha wen U comes to knw Wat really taken place wid U Jst Nw ..( Smirks ) becoming A Well Knw businesses people Dnt U knw The Simple tip of company..

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